About Us

Damelinks is an Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Organization known for providing quality services to small, medium and large business, universities, learning institutions and non-governmental organizations. We are in business to bring customers’ imaginations to life with the aid of computer graphic designs. We believe that our business philosophy is best summed up in our mission, values and vision statements.

Mission Statement

Damelinks is in business to produce a world class quality computer graphics design worldwide.

Value Statement

At Damelinks, we believe that above everything, our business should be based on business integrity:

  1. Integrity in dealing with the world we live in
  2. Integrity in dealing with the people we work with
  3. Integrity in dealing with the customers we serve

Vision Statement

Damelinks aspires to gain a national and international reputation as being one of the best computer graphic designers.

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…bringing your imagination to life.